The department is responsible for accounting and financial reporting, the administration and monitoring of Town purchasing and paying financial obligations, accounts receivable, property tax billing and collection, grant accounting, fixed asset accounting and records, debt management activities, preparation and distribution of quarterly and annual financial statements, providing payroll services to approximately 75 employees and maintaining a financial record keeping system according to generally accepted accounting principles to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws, as well as, Town ordinances and policies.

Budget to Actual Draft Financial Reports
FY19 Draft Year End General Fund and Others
FY19 Draft Year End Kensington Grant Project
FY19 Draft Year End STP Fund
FY19 Draft Year Park Projects
FY19 Draft Year Police Grants
FY19 Draft Year TAP Grant
FY19 Draft Year Waxhaw Marvin Corridor Grant
FY19 Draft Year Waxhaw Fields
FY19 Draft Year Waxhaw Marvin Sidewalk Grant

Audited Financial Statements

FY18 Audit
FY17 Audit
FY16 Audit
FY15 Audit
FY14 Audit

Town of Waxhaw Annual Budgets


Annual Budgets

ABC Budgets & Financial Statements

ABC FY19 Budget     ABC FY19 Financial Statement  
ABC FY18 Budget