Advisory Committee

The Waxhaw Main Street Program Organization & Advisory Committee

The Main Street Organization & Advisory Committee consists of five members, with three of the five seats to be filled by the Chairperson from each of the standing committees (Promotions, Design, and Economic Restructuring). The remaining at-large seats shall be filled by any person that is actively involved with Waxhaw’s Small Town Main Street Program. The Waxhaw Board of Commissioners shall affirm the Small Town Main Street Advisory Committee nominations. The members serve two year terms.

The Committee’s function is to provide advice and guidance to the three standing committees (Design, Economic Restructuring, and Promotions) that comprise the Waxhaw Small Town Main Street Program. Specifically, the Committee members build partnerships to create a consistent revitalization program and develop effective management and leadership downtown. Diverse groups made up of merchants, bankers, public officials, the Waxhaw Business Association, and civic groups must work together to improve downtown.