Recreation Programs

Recreation programming is growing everyday through department efforts and key partnerships! As the Town's newest department, you will continue to see opportunities unfold.

Are you looking for something that is not listed? We want to help! Call Waxhaw Parks and Recreation at 704-843-2195 ext. 278 and we will work to get you in touch with the right person or organization to fit your needs.

Recreational Athletics
Youth and adult athletics are currently administered by the Waxhaw Athletic Association in partnership with the Parks & Recreation Department.  There are other great athletic opportunities in the area and we can help you find your fit!  For more information contact, the Waxhaw Athletic Association at

Fun Days in the Park
Nature exploration, fitness fun, backyard games, and other summer programs are offered by the Waxhaw Parks & Recreation Department.  For more information call Waxhaw Parks and Recreation at 704-843-2195 ext. 258.
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