Waxhaw Unified Development Ordinance Rewrite

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The Town of Waxhaw Planning Board recommended unanimous approval of the Comprehensive Plan Update and the Comprehensive Plan Policy Bridge Document on 10/25/2016.

About the Code Update

Waxhaw is updating its Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). The intent is that the UDO clearly communicate the community's expectations for development as expressed in the Comprehensive Plan and the various neighborhood plans the Town has adopted in recent years. The purposes of the UDO update are to:
1. Implement the recommendations taking shape as part of the Comprehensive Plan update and those recommendations included in neighborhood and special area
plans by:
  • Refining the downtown code,
  • Achieving high-quality infill and redevelopment,
  • Retaining the quality of life residents desire.
2. Apply appropriate zoning standards to the Highway 16 corridor.
3. Increase code clarity and ease of use.
4. Ensure continued maintenance of streets and public open spaces.
5. Promote and support a safe, diverse, and healthy housing stock.
6. Comply with changes to State law.
7. Facilitate development and reinvestment to help Waxhaw prosper.

The UDO update is comprehensive, covering many topics, a diverse geographic area, and complex development-related issues. 

October 23, 2018 Work Session

Informational session regarding the Unified Development Ordinance Update.

June 13, 2016 Public Open House & Workshop

Come find out about the UDO rewrite process, where we are in the process and what we have so far! Consultants Studio Cascade will be in Waxhaw to present draft zoning districts.

Waxhaw Zoning Concepts
Board of Commissioners June 14th Presentation (Large File May Require Time to Download)
Comment Sheet (Fill Out and Return to Town Hall or Email)

March 15th - 17th, 2016 Open House and Design Workshop

These informational sessions served as an opportunity to inform the public of the elements of a Unified Development Ordinance and the rewrite process. Although the meetings are informational, there will be opportunity for input. The feedback you provided at this meeting, in addition to staff feedback will be considered as the new ordinance is developed. 

Informational Posters
Table Activity

February 4th Kickoff Meeting

The pizza party kickoff asked Waxhaw community members to identify what’s most important to them and provide initial direction on how the code can best respond.
Kickoff Flyer
Kickoff Agenda

Informational Posters from the Kickoff
Workshop Table Activity
Kickoff Recap

Informational Posters

Please click on one of the brochures below to view a larger version of the poster shown. These informational posters were created through information gathered from the draft Comprehensive Plan in progress, adopted small area plans, input received and consideration of Waxhaw's unique character.

February 4, 2016 UDO Rewrite Kick-off Meeting Posters

Comp UDO.jpg UDO Grab Bag.jpg

Highway 16 1_thumb.jpg Highway 16 2.jpg Streets and Connectivity 1.jpg
Streets and Connectivity 2.jpg parks.jpg Conv v FB 1.jpg
Hybrid 1.jpg Hybrid 2.jpg Housing Diversity.jpg
DT Code.jpg Previous Work_thumb.jpg

March 15 - 17, 2016 UDO Rewrite Open House & Design Workshop Posters

Feb 4 Kickoff Recap.jpg UDO Grab Bag Tech.jpg Code Simplicity.jpg
Downtown Code Issues.jpg Existing Neighborhoods.jpg

Implementing Hwy 16.jpg Implementing Downtown Neighborhoods.jpg
Whats allowed.jpg Planned Resid Areas.jpg

June 13th, 2016 Public Open House and Workshop

Poster_WaxhawFLUM_11x17size_v2_Reduced.jpg Character board.jpg
Block Frontage Chart Poster.jpg Block Frontage Designations Downtown Poster.jpg
Vision Poster.jpg