Street Closure (Permanent and Temporary)

In order to request permanent or temporary street closings, please complete the following request and submit to the Clerk.  Permanent or temporary requests greater than five days will need to go before the Board for approval.

Street Closure Request

Temporary (Less than 6 days)
The Town Clerk will review requests for temporary street or road closures.   Once the request has been received, the Clerk will seek to obtain authorization and will notify the applicant via e-mail of the request status within seven days of receipt of the request.

Permanent (Greater than 5 days)
In order to consider permanently closing a street or road, the Town must meet requirements for providing public notice and holding a public hearing.   After posting required notices, the Town Clerk will submit requests to the Town's Board of Commissioners for review and approval.  Applicants will be notified of the date of the Board of Commissioner's meeting in which the public hearing for the request will be discussed.   The meeting date will be approximately 4-6 weeks from the date of submission; the meeting is open to the public and applicants are encouraged to attend.  Once the Board makes a determination, the Clerk will notify the Applicant of the Board's Decision.