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Duties of the Planning Division 

The duties of The Planning Division include administering the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO, addressing, permitting, subdivision and plan review, and providing support to the Historic Preservation CommissionBoard of AdjustmentPlanning Board, and Board of Commissioners.)

Unified Development Ordinance


A Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) is a local policy instrument that combines traditional zoning and subdivision regulations, along with other desired city regulations, such as design guidelines, sign regulations, and floodplain and stormwater management, into one document.  
By combining all of these regulations in a single document, a UDO is intended to streamline and coordinate the development process of permits and approvals for development projects by removing inconsistencies and eliminating outdated policies....
UDOs became popular in the 1980s... Since that time they have become more widely endorsed and more frequently adopted across the country... and UDOs actually lead to fewer legal challenges since they tend to reduce number of inconsistencies in municipal regulations. UDOs can be beneficial for communities looking for a more comprehensive approach to land use regulation and economic development.

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