Downtown TAP Grant Pedestrian Project


Pedestrian (function, connectivity):
  • Transformation of Broome Street into a pedestrian friendly street.
  • Consideration of a Pedestrian Plaza.
  • Preparation of pedestrian connections for the downtown park.
  • Connection to the Cotton Flats (Mill Development)
  • South Church Street
  • North Church Street
  • McDonald Street
  • Broome Street
Bike Enhancements: 
  • Enhance striping for bike parking and lanes.
  • Add/Enhance bike parking and shelters.
  • Coordination with Downtown Streetlight Replacement .
Project Status
The Town is currently drafting a contract for professional engineering design services .

Estimated Schedule:

  • Contract Negotiation: 1st Quarter 2017-2nd Quarter 2017
  • Design Phase: 3rd Quarter 2017-4th Quarter 2017
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition Phase: 1st Quarter 2018
  • Bid Phase: 1st Quarter 2018
  • Construction Phase: 2nd Quarter 2018-4th Quarter 2018

Next Step:

Professional services contract will need to be approved by the Board of Commissioners and formal design work will begin. 

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