The Menu

Participating Restaurants

4th Corner Bakehouse Coffee Co
4th Corner Bakehouse & Coffee Co. # of Tokens
Strawberry Rhubarb Cruffin 2
French Onion Tart 2
Chocolate Chip Cookie 1
Sospeso Coffee Cold Brew Mint Julep 2
Black Chicken Waxhaw
Black Chicken # of Tokens
Homemade hummus
with fresh made crispy flatbread chips
Tomato, basil & mozzarella skewers
drizzled with balsamic glaze
Truffle mac & cheese topped with
crispy prosciutto and chives
Blue Lagoon Cafe
Blue Lagoon Cafe # of Tokens
Mini Philly Cheesesteak                    3
Sausage, Peppers, and Onions 3
Meatballs on a Hoagie 4
Broome Street Burgers
Broome Street Burgers # of Tokens
Assorted beef and chicken sliders   3
Assorted mini deli sandwiches 3
Banana pudding 2
Burneys Sweets and More
Burney's Sweets and More # of Tokens
Stuffed croissants                           2
Mini Pastries 1
Brownies 1
Cookie Dough Bliss
Cookie Dough Bliss # of Tokens
Cookie dough sample cups             2,3 or 4
Bliss brownie sample 1
Mini cookie dough sandwich 2
El Vallarta
El Vallarta Mexican Restaurant # of Tokens
Nachos with cheese 2
Beef or chicken taco supreme 2
Steak taco with cilantro & onions 3
Pork taco with chilies & pineapple 3
Mexican corn w/cheese, mayo, tajin 3
Emmets Social Table
Emmet's Social Table # of Tokens
French onion dip/homemade chips 2
Kale salad 3
Pimento grilled cheese/tomato soup 4
Korean glazed wings 4
Mary ONeills
Mary O'Neills Irish Pub                        # of Tokens
Chicken Wings 3
Reuben Rolls 2
Potato Roquettes 3
Maxwells Tavern
Maxwell's Tavern                                 # of Tokens
Pimento Cheese with Pita 3
Chicken Skewers 3
Chocolate Cake 2
Moes Original Bar B Que
Moe's Original Bar B Que                   # of Tokens
Pulled Pork 2
Collard Greens 1
Baked Beans 1
Queens South
Queen's South Bar & Grill                   # of Tokens
Spinach Dip & Chips 2
White Wings 3
Pork Rinds 2
Rippington's                                       # of Tokens
Mini crab cakes 4
Blackened steak bites 4
Curry chicken salad 2
Rock Store BBQ
Rock Store BBQ Waxhaw                   # of Tokens
BBQ slider 4
Wings 1
Riblet 2
St Stephen Maronite Catholic Church
St. Stephen Maronite Catholic Church # of Tokens
Tray of regular and roasted red pepper
hummus, falafel and pita bread
Stacks Kitchen
Stack's Kitchen                                # of Tokens
Baklava 1
Breakfast Slider 3
Spinach Pie 2
Sausage and Peppers 4
South Main Street Barbeque
South Main Street Barbeque      # of Tokens
BBQ Slider 4
BBQ Taco 3
Smoked Mac N Cheese 2
The Cupcake Queen
The Cupcake Queen                          # of Tokens
Mini cupcakes 3
Cheesecake 2
Cake pop 1


Rotary International
Rotary Club of Waxhaw-Weddington # of Tokens
Soft drinks 2
Bottled water 1
Waxhaw Lions Club
Waxhaw Lion's Club                       # of Tokens
Soft drinks 2
Bottled water 1
South Charlotte Dog Rescue
South Charlotte Dog Rescue       # of Tokens
Soft drinks 2
Bottled water 1
Gatorade 2
Beer Garden by Mary O'Neills
(Water Tower Community Corner)
# of Tokens
Assorted beers TBD
The Wine Cellar by Black Chicken
(Inside the Waxhaw Woman's Club)
# of Tokens
Assorted wine tastes TBD