Waxhaw Master Transportation Plan

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Project Overview

The Town of Waxhaw is engaging an inclusive process to develop the Waxhaw Master Transportation Plan (WMTP). In a fast-growing community like Waxhaw, addressing the challenges of securing funding begins with understanding current transportation needs and how to develop recommendations based on community priorities. Since transportation planning is most effective through a collaborative approach, considering the relationships between transportation, land use, the environment, community resources, urban design, and economic resiliency is vital. In tandem, empowering the public to provide community-based knowledge will enhance the overall process and recommendations.


 The overarching goal of Waxhaw’s Master Transportation Plan is to create a vibrant, locally-driven plan that:

• Identifies critical transportation improvements

• Creates a defensible implementation strategy

• Includes an action plan that outlines priorities, funding options, and partnership needs

The WMTP begins with an inventory of local projects recommended through previous plans and studies from local, regional, and state sources. This task gives way to a review of performance using readily available data. The process will conclude by identifying performance gaps (i.e. transportation needs), developing a prioritization process, and communicating results.

To see more of the project work plan, please click here

Public Outreach

Phase 1 of public outreach, a public workshop and an online survey, has been completed. Please click here to see the results of the Phase 1 Public Outreach.

Phase 2 will follow in the form of another online survey and will run from May 22, 2020 to June 5, 2020. The survey link can be found here.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Kevin Parker at kparker@waxhaw.com