Advisory Board/Commission Appointment Process

The appointment process is intended to provide a clear overview of how applicants are moved through the selection process and ultimately appointed to serve in a voluntary capacity on a Board or Commission.  This process was designed to ensure consistency in making necessary recommendations and appointments to Advisory Boards & Commissions (Board).

Step 1:  Recruitment and Application Process

The Clerk’s Office, upon the Board of Commissioner's (BOC) direction, seeks applicants from all segments of the community, representing various interests and groups.  During the months of May - June, the Clerk’s Office actively advertises for all Board seats coming open at the end of the term on September 30 as well as any other open positions that may exist.  This announcement will specify the vacancies for all Boards and will provide details regarding the application process including the deadline for receipt of applications. 

During the month of May, the Clerk’s Office will notify all Members with terms expiring on September 30 of the corresponding year that new applications must be submitted in order to be considered for reappointment.

In order to be eligible for appointment to a Board, candidates must file an application with the Clerk’s Office no later than June 30.  Applications are only considered for the Boards selected on the application.  A total of three selections may be made that are ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd, however, this does not guarantee that you will be appointed to your first choice Board. Please note that applications may be submitted at any time during the year and are held for one year from the date of signature.  This would include applications for those who were appointed to fill an expired term that ends within the year; there is no need to complete a new application for consideration of re-appointment for the full term if your original application is less than one year old.

The Clerk’s Office will distribute packets containing all applications to the BOC by July 15.  The BOC will consider all applications received for appointment to all Boards.  Appointments will be made at the BOC meeting prior to September 30.

Applications not selected or received after June 30 will be considered when vacancies arise during the year.

Step 2:  Selection and Appointments

It is the duty of the BOC to appoint members of all town volunteer committees based on the particular needs of each committee, in conjunction with individual rules of procedure, bylaws and work plans.  The BOC will strive to achieve a balance of qualified applicants covering a range of qualifications and perspectives for the committees.

An appointed member of staff such as the Town Clerk, or designee, shall review all applications for eligibility. All eligible applications shall be provided to the BOC for review.

After the initial review of applications, the Clerk’s office will schedule interviews. The BOC will interview all candidates.  Once interviews have been held, the BOC will meet to discuss the candidates in either a separate meeting or as part of a regular meeting. They will then vote on the candidates.   

Once appointments have been made by the BOC, the Clerk’s Office will communicate to all newly appointed Members advising them of their appointment status and schedule training.