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Nov 01

Question 3: Waxhaw’s Neighborhoods ...

Posted on November 1, 2017 at 9:48 AM by Waxhaw Communications

Question 3: Waxhaw’s neighborhoods are very different from the surrounding towns -- more homes that are closer together. Why?      

ANSWER: This was intentional.   

As Waxhaw began to grow, the Town looked at its surrounding neighboring towns. Their regulations encouraged large-lot single-family subdivisions with little or no business uses.

Waxhaw saw the need to better define its future. And in doing so, Waxhaw saw itself  very differently. Waxhaw at the core, thrived on the sense of community. Waxhaw wanted to be more inclusive of all our citizens, and stated so.

In June 2003 Waxhaw formally adopted its future land use plan and direction. Entitled “Waxhaw, Come on In.”, Waxhaw described its future as “possessing a healthy residential and commercial mix. Single use zoning is no longer the rule in Waxhaw. Urban villages that carefully blend in a variety of high-density residential uses and neighborhood retail uses are found in key locations in the community…"

With growth came the challenge of an increase in demand for more services and infrastructure, and a need for a proper tax mix and plan to pay for them. With the vision in 2003 came hope:  

Our hope: The Town of Waxhaw will have a plan of action in hand to deal with its growth. Waxhaw will have succeeded in retaining its small town character with Downtown Waxhaw continuing to be historical. The Town will be successful in significantly broadening its tax base through an influx of quality residential, retail commercial and business park / industrial / employment center developments.”