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Nov 06


Posted on November 6, 2017 at 5:57 PM by Waxhaw Communications

In our recent Town Survey, nearly 80% of residents asked for a better understanding of “growth”, which is not surprising. A few weeks ago, Waxhaw was rated the Number #1 place for families in North Carolina. This was welcome news to some, but not so welcome to others who believe Waxhaw is losing its small-town charm because of growth.

To open up the dialogue around this very complex topic, we’ve pulled together answers to many of your questions regarding Waxhaw’s growth. We hope this initial Q&A will provide a better understanding of how Waxhaw became the community we know today. We know there are more questions circulating in the community. We hope you will take a moment to email them into us at so that we can keep the dialogue going. 

Question 1: How Fast is Waxhaw Really Growing?
Question 2: How Did Growth Happen in Waxhaw?
Question 3: Why are Waxhaw's Neighborhoods Different than Surrounding Towns?
Question 4: What Has Been Waxhaw's Plan of Action?
Question 5: What is a Growth Management System?
Question 6: What Does, "Financial Reality Settling In" Mean?
Question 7: Why Does the Town Invest in Consultants?
Question 8: Can the Town Impose Impact Fees on Growth?
Question 9: Why Can't the Town Stop Growth?
Question 10: Why Are We Changing the UDO?
Question 11: Is the UDO Rewrite Eliminating Conditional Use?
*Question 12: Traffic & Traffic Congestion - Background on How It Works
*Question 13: What is Waxhaw's Game Plan on Traffic?
*Question 14: How Do We Move the Plans Along?
*Question 15: Train Delays
* These specific Q&A's are combined in the blog post - Traffic Flow & Congestion