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Jul 07

Community Survey Results

Posted on July 7, 2017 at 7:23 AM by Waxhaw Communications

For many years the Town of Waxhaw has been a full service Town, dedicating its resources to maintaining the services we offer.  To ensure we’re meeting your service expectations and to help the Town set our priorities, the Town of Waxhaw recently conducted its first ever citizen survey to the households of Waxhaw. We wanted to find out if we are hitting the mark by providing households the opportunity to rate Town programs and services, let the Town know which programs are succeeding and which need more attention, and to help the Town prioritize what we do.   

For the input to be meaningful we needed 400 households to participate. Your response was tremendous, nearly tripling that! THANK YOU to those that took the time to share. By participating you provided valuable information that will assist the Town in improving service delivery and identifying spending priorities.

The survey examined 54 areas and aspects of Town services. I presented the results of this survey to the community at our June 13 Board meeting. What did you tell us?

  1. There is a very high level of satisfaction with Waxhaw and the services the Town provides! In 34 of the 54 areas we measured, Waxhaw rated significantly higher – greater than 10% points – than towns and cities across North Carolina and the US. 
  2. Over 80% of you were satisfied with the perception of the Town from quality of life, to services, to schools, to public safety, to your subdivisions, to small town charm. And these continue to be the reasons people move here.
  3. You are satisfied with our major services. Over 90% of you are very satisfied with our Public Services department (which keeps our town clean and sustains our environment) and our Police Department. More than 3 out of 4 are satisfied with our Events and Code Enforcement Departments. 65% of you are satisfied with our development while nearly 6 out of 10 are satisfied with Parks and Recreation Department
  4. There are significant areas that you feel must be addressed.  In 4 of the 54 areas measured in the survey, we rated significantly lower – greater than 10% points below other towns and cities:   Traffic flow and congestion; number of public parks and athletic fields; quality of outdoor athletic fields, the town as a place to work.
  5. You were very clear on priorities for investment; maintain the services we have while focusing on traffic flow and congestion and the maintenance of town streets and infrastructure.
  6.  And you asked the Town to continue to improve our communication. Far too many, nearly 70%, are getting your information word of mouth which often leads to misinformation. 

The link to the presentation is below and I encourage you to look at the full presentation.

Community Survey Presentation

Thank you again to all that made the civic choice to participate in this survey. This input provides a benchmark as well as valuable input to guide budgeting and staff work.

It’s a pleasure to serve you as Mayor. You may reach me directly at