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Jun 30

2016/2017 Performance & Growth Management Highlights

Posted on June 30, 2017 at 3:11 PM by Waxhaw Communications

Each year, the Board of Commissioners sets a budget for the Town to follow in scheduling projects and services. Prior to approving the 2017/2018 budget on June 27th, I had the opportunity to share with the Town how we performed against our commitments for this year. The link to the presentation is below and I encourage you to look at the full presentation.

2016/2017 Review Presentation

Additionally, I had the opportunity to share some recent growth management highlights with the town:

·     In early June, I submitted a letter to NCDOT expressing Waxhaw’s numerous concerns with the proposed closure of the railroad crossing at Tory Path Road. We were contacted by the Director of the Rail Division who acknowledged our concerns and concurs that additional study is necessary to achieve an appropriate solution for everyone involved.

·      Part of the Town’s work is to be aware of legislation that may impact Waxhaw. A bill was submitted in the House, which had the potential to allow billboards on state roads including Highway 16 and 75. Working with our representatives, with special thanks to Representative Craig Horn, the bill was voted down thereby preserving our community look and feel.

·    Representatives in the House recognize the work we are doing to improve Waxhaw while maintaining our unique downtown. Last week, representatives Horn and Brody allocated to Waxhaw $60K in economic development funds to improve our leisure amenities in downtown.