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Posted on: December 27, 2017

Skate Park Oak Tree Removal - 12/28

Waxhaw Oak Tree Removal

Sadly, the master arborist recently informed us that the oak tree by the skate park has died and is completely hollow inside. As such, it is a safety hazard and has to be removed. The tree will be removed on 12/28/17. The skate park will be closed on 12/28/17 for safety during the removal process.

The Parks & Rec team is planning to plant a mature sapling oak tree in that same spot some time in early Spring.   We will keep the community posted on a planting event.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Town of Waxhaw Parks & Rec Director, Dena Sabinske 


LOCATION OF ASSESSED TREE: City park skate boarding plaza.

Site attributes:  Parking areas, sidewalk and skate board areas are all within  the drip line and/or the fall zone of the tree. The area has a medium to high occupancy rate.  

Condition of tree: The tree has a history of significancant limb drop.  The entire top canopy is absent. As a result, the entire center of tree is hollow. This interior decay reduces the "branch attachment" integrity for the large scaffold limbs. The buttress roots on the north side "tension side" of the tree are completely decayed and/or absent.  The tree has a slight lean towards the skate board plaza..."compression root" side.   There are no mitigating treatments that would reduce risk of limb or entire tree failure.

Conclusions:  Due to the advanced decay and concomitant loss of tree strength,  combined with high value targets frequently occupying the fall zone, it is our position that this tree should be removed as soon as possible.  

Charles Holtzclaw
Board Certified Master Arborist
So-0346 BT
ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor

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