Message from the Chief

We would like to welcome you to the Waxhaw Police Department's website. This website is a means to present information about our department.

The department is currently made up of 25 full-time officers and 5 part-time (or auxiliary) officers. We have five divisions: Administrative, Community Police, Patrol, Detectives, and Animal Control. As we update our website, we will provide information on the officers and the job they do for the department. Please click the following link to see our 2015 year-end review report.

The officers of the Waxhaw Police Department are dedicated public servants who are passionate about their work and community. We as a department are constantly trying to improve as we participate in training around the state as well as within our own training program.

We work closely with all other law enforcement agencies within Union County to combat problems that face all communities. We can not do this alone, we need the help of the citizens to make us successful.

It is our goal to continue to reduce crime and solve quality of life problems so that the citizens and others who pass through our town can feel safe to function without the fear of harassment and violence that often victimizes our citizens. The only way to ensure this goal is met is for the Police Department to form a partnership with our community. This partnership must include residents, businesses, public service agencies and the faith community in order to be a success. It takes the entire community to combat the problems of today.

Please take the time to visit the different areas of our website. We are here to provide a professional and unbiased service to our community. Please feel free to contact me or any other member of the department with any questions, comments or concerns.

The Waxhaw Police Department has received the SHARP (Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program) recognition award from OSHA. Ms. Cherie Berry, Commissioner of Labor for NC will be at the town meeting, March 12, 2013 to give the award to the Police Department.