Trash Collections & Recycling

The Town of Waxhaw is contracted with Waste Pro to provide weekly trash collection and bi-weekly recycling collection

Sign Up for Garbage Service 

To sign up for waste collection and recycling services, complete the Waste Collection and Recycling Services form

Problems or Questions Regarding Service

Customers can call Paula Ezzell with the Public Services Department at 704-843-7439.

When is my trash and recycling picked up?

Waxhaw collections are divided into three zones: 

  • Zone 1 will be serviced on Wednesdays
  • Zone 2 will be serviced on Thursdays
  • Zone 3 will be serviced on Fridays

Click on the links below to see your Zone designation for weekly trash pick-up and your Week A or Week B designation noting bi-weekly recycling pick-up. 

Zones by Street Name 

Service Map 

Click here to download the schedule!

What do I need to do to ensure my carts are picked up?

Have carts out at the curb before 7:00 AM on your scheduled day for pick up.

Waste Pro is utilizing a single person truck with an arm that grabs the trash containers, lifts and dumps into the truck. Therefore, the containers should face the street as indicated on the top of the container (arrow towards the street) to facilitate dumping. When placed with the recycling container, please separate the two in order to make room for the arm to grab each container. Lastly, please place the containers away from the mailboxes and parked vehicles.

To schedule a bulk pick up with Waste Pro,
please call the Customer Call Center at 980-296-1126