Board and Commission Volunteer Opportunities


The Town of Waxhaw would like to invite you to submit an application to serve on one of Waxhaw's Volunteer Boards or Commissions. You can access this application by clicking the following link: Below are guidelines for completing the application and a current list of openings.   

Need more information before deciding what Board or Commission to apply for? Click on each individual Board/Commission page to the left for details. For additional information you may want to review the 2019 Edition of the Board & Commission Orientation Manual. Upon appointment, Orientation Training is provided by the Town Clerk, along with the staff liaisons.

2020 Meeting Schedule - All Appointed Boards/Commissions

1) One application per person; you may apply for your top 3 boards/commissions using 1 application.  
2) Members may only serve on one board or commission simultaneously (PASJ is exempt from this rule).
3) Applications may be completed online or Stop by Town Hall for a Paper Application.
4) Applications are accepted at any time and are held for consideration for 1 year.
5) A person can only serve 2 consecutive terms on the same board/commission (ABC Board is exempt from this rule).
6) Annual term appointments (terms are for 3-years) are made by the Board of Commissioners in September (terms begin October 1st and end September 30th in the term year end). For your application to be considered for a term appointment, it must be submitted to the Clerk's Office by June 30th.