Leaf Vacuuming Program

2017Leaf Vacuuming

2017 Leaf Vacuuming Program.

The 2017 Leaf Vacuuming Program will begin Monday, November 6, 2017 and will continue through Friday, January 12, 2018. Please note that beginning this season, the service schedule has been changed due to the increased number of homes as well as the increased demand for the service. 

 Each street within the town limits will be serviced one time per week. In order to comply with these new regulations, please have your leaves curbside by 7AM each Monday morning and they will be removed during that week. 

 Routes will vary and once your street has been serviced, trucks will not return until the following week. 

Please refer to the following requirements for leaf removal: 

Leaf piles must be raked to the edge of the street. Equipment cannot   reach piles that are not adjacent to the street. 

Please avoid placing leaves in the ditches if possible. This leads to storm drain blockages. 

Piles should consist of leaves only. Limbs, rocks and other items damage vacuum machines and equipment. If these are observed within your piles of leaves, they will not be vacuumed. 

Please do not park on or near leaf piles. 

 Should you have questions, please call the Public Services Department @ 704-843-7439. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!