Kensington Dr. (Eastern Section)


  • This project is intended to improve vehicular mobility and reduce congestion on Kensington Drive between Connell's Point Drive and Providence Road by permanently removing the existing on-street parking spaces and replacing them with vehicular travel lanes. 

​Project Status

  • State funding approved mid 2018. Awaiting State Board of Transportation approval prior to completion of design. Right of way required for construction.  

​Estimated Schedule

  • Design Phase: 1st Quarter 2017-3rd Quarter 2018
  • Right-of-way Acquisition Phase: 4th Quarter 2018-2nd Quarter 2019
  • Bid Phase: 2nd Quarter 2019
  • Construction Phase: 2nd Quarter 2019-4th Quarter 2019

Next Step

  • Upon completion of 30% plans and preliminary utility coordination, a preliminary design review will occur and 90% plans will be developed. The project status will be updated as the status changes.
Kensington Drive Eastern Section