Public Art Selection Jury

Interested in serving on the PASJ? APPLY ONLINE TODAY through the "Board and Commission Volunteer Opportunities" page (application link is located at the top of the page)!


What does the Public Selection Art Jury do?
The Public Art Selection Jury reviews requests on public art acquisition, display and retention for the purposes of making recommendations to the Parks, Cultural and Recreation Advisory Board (PCR), who will in-turn make recommendations to the Waxhaw Board of Commissioners for a final decision.

Membership includes a total of 5 members, consisting of 3 members from Waxhaw's already appointed advisory boards/commissions and 2 members from the community as artists or local gallery owners. It is important to note that PASJ is 
exempt from the requirement for one member to serve on one board or commission at a time.

What skills do I need to serve on the Public Art Selection Jury?
Individuals with a background in art, conservation, preservation, event planning, marketing, real estate, construction and commercial finance are a good fit for this jury. There is no residency requirement.

What is the time commitment? 

The Public Art Selection Jury (PASJ) meets on an as-needed basis, on average for 1 – 3 hours, two to three times per year. Jury members can serve up to two consecutive, three-year staggered terms. 
I'm interested! How do I apply?
View the 
Boards and Commission Volunteer Opportunities page and complete the online application.  Applications will be automatically forwarded to the Clerk's office and presented to the Board of Commissioners for review. The Board of Commissioners appoints all members of the PASJ.

Additional Information
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