Town of Waxhaw Projects in Progress

Below is a list of major projects that the Town of Waxhaw is working on. These are town funded projects and not developer projects. For a list of current developer projects, please visit

Downtown Central Park 

Location: Givens Street, 2 blocks south of South Main Street (NC 75) between Broad and Church Streets. 

The town owns 9.9 acres of land on the south side of downtown that has been identified by the Comprehensive Parks Master Plan as the top priority to develop into a neighborhood park. A revised concept plan was approved in January, and full design of the park will be the next step with the goal of beginning construction of Phase 1 in the late summer/early autumn. Phase 1 will be the infrastructure (clearing/grading, utilities, drives, parking). Phase 2 will be the amenities.

Click here to learn more about the project.

Project Status: Concept Plan approved. Contract for design work on February BOC agenda.

Funding Source: Capital Projects for design and Phase 1. Financing for Phase 2.

Estimated Cost: $4,300,000

Estimated completion: 2022/23

WAX_master plan update_color_1-13-20

Traffic Light: NC 16/Gray Byrum Road Intersection 

NCDOT will administer the construction.

Location: Intersection of NC 16 & Gray Byrum Road

Project Status: NCDOT has awarded project to Boggs Contracting Inc. Contractor required to start project by May 2021.

Funding Source: NCDOT

Estimated Cost: $500,000

Link to plans

Estimated completion: Spring/Summer 2021

Gray Byrum Light Plans

Public Services/Parks and Recreation Operations Building

Location: 4220 Waxhaw-Marvin Road (corner of Waxhaw-Marvin Road and Kensington Drive)

The town intends to construct a building and supporting structures to house its Public Services and Parks and Recreation Department operations. The facility will be designed to accommodate current and expand on future service demands. 

Project Status: Pre-design complete. Developing contract for design work.

Funding Source: Capital Projects for design. Financing for building.

Estimated Cost: $3,900,000

Estimated completion: 2022/23

Waxhaw-Public Service view 5

Website Redesign

The town is redesigning the website. Moving the current website to a new content management platform and updating the overall design will make the site easier for staff to update on a regular basis and easier for end-users to find information.  

Project Status: Sitemap has been approved and build-out is in progress.

Funding Source: General Fund – Administration expenditure

Estimated Cost: $30,000 

Estimated completion: Spring 2021

East South Main Pedestrian Safety

Location: Downtown Historic Pedestrian Bridge to the Mill on Main.

Construct sidewalk along NC 75 from the pedestrian bridge to the Mill on Main. Install crosswalk with crossing beacon across NC 75, east of the bridge.

Project Status: Design Phase

Funding Source: Small Transportation Project Fund 

Estimated Cost: $120,000

Link to TAP Grant Plans

Estimated Completion: 2021

Emergency Operations Plan

The town has contracted with On Target Preparedness to update and complete an Emergency Operation Plan for the town. This plan will serve as the primary guide for how the town establishes procedures and protocols during emergency events. 

Project Status: Plan update is in progress.

Funding Source: General Fund – Emergency Management expenditure

Estimated Cost: $13,000

Estimated Completion: Spring 2021


Price Street On Street Parking Improvements

Location: Adjacent to the Methodist Church, across from Ardmore Apartments

The town has executed a contract to construct a total of 9 new public parking spaces to add to the public parking space inventory in downtown. 

Project Status: Complete

Funding Source: Powell Bill Fund

Estimated Cost: $55,000

Link to plans: Price Street Parking Exhibit

Price Parking Exhibit v4 2020.08.12

Overhead Street Signs

The scope of the overhead street sign project is to install larger street signs at our traffic light intersections. This will make street identification and navigation easier for motorists and help to improve vehicular safety.

Project Status: Under review by NCDOT for encroachments

Funding Source: Small Transportation

Estimated cost: $50,000

Estimated completion: 2021

Overhead Street Sign Exhibit