Commissioner Jason Hall

Commissioner Jason Hall brings an analytical-driven approach and a committed work ethic to Waxhaw. He believes that government officials are public servants who should be accountable, transparent, and accessible to the citizens they represent.  

Throughout his professional career, Jason has worked as a critical thinker in conducting technology assessments for the largest counties and Federal agencies in North America.  He has worked with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, the Department of the Interior, and private and public sectors to deploy highly regulated systems.

Jason is the founder and CEO of Waxhaw-based McCloy Hall & Co., an information management consulting agency.  Jason holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Business Administration from Barry University in Miami, Florida, and a Certificate of Project Management from Virginia Polytechnic and State University.

“My promise to all residents of Waxhaw is to be an analytical-driven Commissioner who will bring thoughtful ideas and vote based on data and what best serves the town”. ~ Commissioner Jason Hall

Jason and his wife, Flavia, have two young daughters (Isabelle & Adelene) attending school in Waxhaw. He spends much time in Waxhaw’s parks, downtown & local businesses. Jason and his family have lived in Waxhaw for seven years.

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    Jason Hall

    Phone: 704-219-5449